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We offer the following services; Web Development, Android Development, Database Management, Server Management/Integration, Wed programming, Blockchain development, AI Bots, Wallets creation, Financial Applications, Trackers, Derivative exchange, Explorers, Android and iOS applications, Blockchain voting pool, Blockchain-based social media, Cyber securities, Security panel for your platforms, penetration Testing, 3D websites Designs, 4D website designs, Marketing, Customisation of frameworks, MLM, Bots, ICT consultancy and all services necessarily incidental to the fore stated

Blockmay ICT Solutions Achievements

Discover the groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge software solutions that have propelled Quantum Leap Solutions to the forefront of the software industry.


Years of Experience

With over 15 years of software expertise, we have been driving business growth through innovative solutions.


Satisfied Customers Rave

We have successfully served over 1000 happy clients, building long-lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction.


Our Successful Software Solutions

Over 500 projects completed, delivering quality software on time and budget.


Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

Over 50 passionate tech experts providing innovative software solutions.

Blockmay ICT Solutions helped us stay ahead with their software development.

Marketing Manager


What Our Clients Say

Discover why our clients rave about our cutting-edge software solutions and services. Read their testimonials and see how we’ve helped businesses of all sizes achieve quantum leaps in success.

Quantum Leap Solutions transformed our business with their cutting-edge software.

John Smith


Blockmay ICT Solutions helped us stay ahead with their software development.

Tonywhyte Speilberg


Blockmay ICT Solutions revolutionized our operations with their innovative tech solutions.

Fulfil Michael

IT Director

Blockmay ICT Solutions: Streamlined processes, increased efficiency, significant cost savings.

Sharon Davis

Small Business Owner

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Blockmay ICT Solutions: Unlock your business’s potential with our cutting-edge software solutions. From custom development to mobile apps and cloud solutions, our experts deliver exceptional results. Thrive in the digital age with Blockmay ICT Solutions. Contact us today.