Lightup Ideas

We aim to inspire the world by proving it is possible to simultaneously ensure the satisfaction of our clints, employees, shareholders and our communities at nlarge in a socially acceptable and sustainable way.

Our Services

Wed Development
Android Development
Database Management
Server Management/Integration
Wed programming
Blockchain development
AI Bots
Wallets creation
Financial Applications

More services

Derivative exchange
Android and iOS applications
Blockchain voting pool
Blockchain based social media
Cyber securities
Security panel for your platforms

More Services

penetration Testing
3D websites Designs
4D website designs, Marketing
Customization of frameworks

Core Values

  • Mutuality

    We understand and appreciate the importance of relation and connection within the team and with our clients, in our journey as a company. Hence, we uphold community values that aer effective and eficient in fostering better working relationship; with everyone who interface with our company.

  • Province

    We believe in constant improvement, through collective learning and adaption to advancements in technology.

  • Collective Progress

    Build with us and be assured of 100% Maximum security. Receiving of 105% Maximum security System for your projects.

  • Accountability

    We understand the indispensibility of accountability in the creation of relationships with clients and we seek to promote and preserve it. Trust me, its 100%

  • Quality

    We provide outstanding and unsurpassed services that deliver premium value to our clients.

  • Our Team

    we have over 80 emplyees, trained and qualified developers in every field, blockchain engineers, ICT consultants, programmers, graphic designers as well as tutors.

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Overtime, we have been privileged to work for resourceful and value driven clients