• 1

    One-stop-shop visualisation tool to make your data talk for your lending decisions.

  • 2

    Provides an accessible way to see and understand financial behaviour trends.

  • 3

    Save time by focusing on your lending decisions and not on retrieving the data.

Comprehensive information
in a snapshot

Access a broad and comprehensive view of your clients’ financial situation in a single interface:

  • residual income
  • number and total amounts of recent credit line drawdowns
  • overdraft indicators
  • and many other key metrics 

Embed and customize Algoan Dashboard according to your needs.

Save time
& increase

Get up and running in seconds! Algoan Dashboard retrieves and displays all the information you need for your lending decisions in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the Dashboard, your teams stay focused on the core of their job.

Key benefits

  • Fast analytics

    Connect and visualise your data in a couple of seconds.

  • Ease of use

    Anyone can understand and analyze data with Algoan Dashboard.  No need for endless hours of training.

  • Update automatically

    Get the most up-to-date data with a live connection to the user’s analysis.

  • Seamless integration

    Integrate our Algoan Dashboard API with just a few lines of code thanks to our well-documented API.

Are you ready?

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