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Algoan Connect is the easiest and fastest way to incorporate the Open banking aggregation process in any customer journey in order to be able to leverage Algoan’s Credit Decisioning solutions.

It can be integrated for desktop and/or mobile device usage. And the cherry on the cake, you won’t need to involve your IT teams! Just plug and play our API!

Our customer onboarding increases your completion rate

Use our Chatbot to simulate a natural human conversation which – according to A/B testing – is the best way to reassure and convert your customers in an open banking lending process.

Or alternatively, use an innovative onboarding form to drive your clients through each step of your path.

Algoan’s customer onboarding can easily be customized to handle your specific lending business objectives and increase your cross-selling opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Data Protection as Standard

    No data stored, fully compliant with GDPR rules.

  • Easy to integrate, Simple to use

    Native integration on any web application with just a few lines of code thanks to our well documented API.

  • Save time and money

    Avoid wasting time and resources with in-house aggregation development that is difficult to maintain.

  • Give a boost!

    Acceleration of the required time to implement Algoan Credit Decisioning solutions.

Built to provide the Best Open Banking Customer Experience

  • 5mins

    to go through the full customer journey

  • +60%

    completion rate vs. a regular form

  • 90%

    end-user satisfaction rate

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